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Alyssa Crosby has been an artist all of her life. Growing up in Southern California, she started painting murals at age 12. After spending time in Portland, Oregon, Crosby moved to the Bay Area in 2000, moving to San Francisco, where she founded Art Design San Francisco, a mural design company.


Art Design San Francisco worked with other community artists and also donated time to local schools and community centers. Their mission was to serve the public and support students who might otherwise never know the power of art to transform their environment. ADSF had a passion to literally make their community an ever more beautiful place to be and live.


In 2005, Crosby moved back to Los Angeles, where she took time off from work to focus on her family and raise her three children. Art was always a priority in the household throughout the years, however. Her oldest daughter Quincy graduated from Otis College of Art and Design. Her middle daughter Ava is currently in college with an English major, possibly thinking of being a writer one day. Her youngest son Zane still lives at home, he is in 7th grade and plays guitar and is also interested in art.


Now that her children are older, Crosby has more time to focus on work again, and has been painting murals in the Los Angeles area, as well as Northern California and Arizona. 


Crosby’s philosophy is that life is what you make it. She chooses to make her life fun and beautiful.

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