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Community service has always been a priority for Alyssa Crosby's artistic mission. Crosby has worked closely with members of her community, such as State Treasurer Fiona Ma, (back when Ma was her district supervisor in San Francisco), local principals of schools, students and others. She has shared both her time and love for art throughout her career, and has tried to inspire the youth of her community to develop their own passions for art as well.

Rancho Romero Lunch Room.jpg
Rancho Romero Lunch Room.jpg
Lawton School Endangered Pandas.jpg
Lawton School Endangered-manatees.jpg
Lawton School Endangered Whales.jpg
Lawton School Endangered Killer Whales.j
Lawton School Endangered Butterflies.jpg
A P Giannini School Puzzle.jpg
A P Giannini School Peacemore.jpg
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