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Show Me The Money Body Cast

Show Me The Money Body Cast

16 x 36" Mixed Media on Canvas


    Body casting is a multi-step process. Starting with plaster roll, a material similar to that which a Dr would use to cast a broken limb, the model is cast.  Once it is fully formed and dried, the cast is then typically attached to a canvas and treated with Gesso.  Depending on the design for that specific cast, it is painted or collaged, (or both), then prepared for resin.  Usually 2-3 layers of resin are applied, which takes 24 hours to cure after the final coat.  The resin will leave the cast protected, with a hard and shiny finish. Body casts take about 1-2 weeks to create.


    Crating and shipping to anywhere in 48 continguous US states is a flat rate of $500.

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